Elements of an art therapy session

During our time together, we will explore and express thoughts and feelings by talking AND creating. Our process at Currents is not about perfecting technique or the creation of a final piece like in an art class. Rather the art materials and tailored creative process allow clients to communicate experiences and emotions that are sometimes difficult to express verbally. Being a great artist or artistic is not a requirement for participating in art therapy.

In a typical one hour session we'll check in, you'll be invited to create and then we will explore the piece you have created together.

A variety of art materials will be available for the session and there are options for seating and movement within the studio.

Arriving at our location

We are located in the studio room (lower level) of the Fox & Fable Book & Game Cafe. Please arrive to the studio no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, group or art hive start time.  Studio doors open 5 minutes before the session begins. You are welcome to bring a warm or cold beverage into the studio. 

Currents Art Psychotherapy Studio is by appointment only unless the doors are open for an art hive. 

We invite you to get in touch

There's a few ways to explore art therapy with Currents.

  • Arrange a 15 minute phone consultation by sending a text, an email or giving us a call.
  • Visit our online booking page to book an appointment with our Art Psychotherapist.
  • Stop by an Art Hive, check out the space, meet Carole and make some art in community.
  • Sign up for a group or a workshop.